Monday, March 4, 2013

Estrella 2013!

So, this was our third Estrella War event and really the first one we got to relax, take pictures and just have an all around great time. Our first war, in 2011, was blown away by the great dust storm of 2011, our second was so stinkin' hot that one pretty much hid in the shade the entire time.

And without further ado......... here we have some pictures of the characters participating at Estrella this year.

Lord William heading out for his service walking Merchants

Roger, ready for the day.

Rachelle and Brenda heading for Merchants. Brenda needs a hat!

Lord William and Alora. Alora created the beautiful braid in Will's hair. It lasted for a couple of days. And as we all know, it's all about the hair!

Lord William preparing for the day's battle.

Jen and Alex 

Lord William at the Cut n' Thrust Tournament. Click on the link to see a montage of all 10 of Will's opponents. 

Lord William off to another battle. 

Brenda, trying out some new garb. Click on the link below to see a video of the march of the fighters and one fighter's inspiration.

March of the Fighters

Lord William, Rachelle and Pepper on a very chilly morning. 

A great time was had by all!

Monday, February 25, 2013

On the Eve of War.......

Lord William has granted me admin privileges to post to the Land of Lochridge blog, in hopes of getting some more pictures and stories of our SCA adventures and creations posted. For now I am Rachel of Lochridge, (Lord William's mom), but that could change as I develop a persona, just haven't found the time to do that yet.

Here we are on the Eve of Estrella War; Roger McKean and I, along with Chili Bitch and Eyegore,  will be heading out tomorrow to begin setting up our encampment, in anticipation of Lord William's and the other  St. Felicians (sp?). Looking forward to a week in the Middle Ages. Should have many pictures and stories to regale you with next week.


Monday, February 14, 2011


It beckons. Estrella War has begun. The College of St. Felix will dispatch a few of our number to set up camp among the Armies of Atenveldt with the rest of our fighters and crafters to follow as reinforcements later in the week. I only pray our arrival is appreciated but not counted upon to turn a tide.

Anyway, just finished up a 2 hour long project over the weekend to turn 4 yards of denim, 2 yards of blue cotton, and 2 yards of red cotton into a small addition to my fighter bag that I will be showing off at Estrella with the addition of my new RAPIER CHEST! Pics to come later.

May be able to stamp out a button-closure tunic this week depending on class load. I have two classes to really deal with before I head to WAR on Friday so hopefully I won't drown in them.

I would also like to quickly mention that I am terribly proud of St. Felix's rapier community. Last year we had two fighters and only one of them had enough to gear to go out on the field in his own equipment. We gained 3 tremendously skilled fighters from the club fair who went from newbies to comrades in months. Nearly all of us have our full kits with the odd gorget or helm missing Hopefully we can have as good a turn out next year as this year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Figured if I'm going to start crafting a lot more I might as well post the process and the result. I'm Lord William of Lochridge, member of the College of St. Felix in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr and a proud fighter for the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Those of you who are confused should know that I'm a member of the SCA or the Society for Creative Anachronism which promotes research into the middle ages and the early Renaissance in order to better understand the methods, practices, lifestyles, and creations of the people who lived during those periods. Expect posts in the future.

So for Christmas I received possibly the most basic model of Singer sewing machine and it is pretty freaking sweet having it. I cannot begin to express how much time I save making garb now that I have that machine. I started working on a fleece lined coat back in November that wound up being stalled. I finished that coat in 2 hours. It isn't perfect but it looks pretty good. Pictures will be up when I'm back down in Tucson.

What you should know about the coat is that it's dark blue, fleece lined with an outer layer of some $5 for 5 yard slightly stretchy material I picked up from the Wal-Mart discount bin. I'm not planning on adding buttons because I don't plan on wearing the coat closed and if Brianna winds up wearing it she likely will have so many other layers on that closing it would never work.

Doing some work on creating a working doublet pattern that fits and hangs on me properly. Every one I have tried to make ends up ridiculously wide at the neck and way too small at the waist. We'll see what happens.