Monday, February 14, 2011


It beckons. Estrella War has begun. The College of St. Felix will dispatch a few of our number to set up camp among the Armies of Atenveldt with the rest of our fighters and crafters to follow as reinforcements later in the week. I only pray our arrival is appreciated but not counted upon to turn a tide.

Anyway, just finished up a 2 hour long project over the weekend to turn 4 yards of denim, 2 yards of blue cotton, and 2 yards of red cotton into a small addition to my fighter bag that I will be showing off at Estrella with the addition of my new RAPIER CHEST! Pics to come later.

May be able to stamp out a button-closure tunic this week depending on class load. I have two classes to really deal with before I head to WAR on Friday so hopefully I won't drown in them.

I would also like to quickly mention that I am terribly proud of St. Felix's rapier community. Last year we had two fighters and only one of them had enough to gear to go out on the field in his own equipment. We gained 3 tremendously skilled fighters from the club fair who went from newbies to comrades in months. Nearly all of us have our full kits with the odd gorget or helm missing Hopefully we can have as good a turn out next year as this year.